fredag 22 april 2022

The Comfort Reading Tag

1. The Kettle's On: A book of steadfast comfort, always there for you, makes any day better, like a cup of tea (or your favorite warm drink). 

2. Grandmother's Quilt: A book that reminds you of a loved one, or a comforting book that was given to you or read aloud to you by someone dear. 

3. Warm Spices: A book with particularly vivid prose or imagery. A story comforting in its richness, depth, or vibrance. 

4. Candlelight: A book that keeps you going or encourages you when things feel dark. 

5. Laugh-Medicine: A book that makes you laugh out loud or grin widely, coming to the rescue on the gloomiest days. 

6. In Bed All Day: You've got your warm drink, a cozy blanket (maybe grandmother's quilt.) What do you read when you're curled up in bed all day? (Or for a couple of hours, anyway.)

7. Endless Comfort: A book that brings you solace no matter how many times you reread it. 

8. Portable Hope: A book that restores your faith in humanity, faith in life, faith in yourself. A book that says, "It's going to be okay. The world is full of good things, and tomorrow will be better."

9. A Basket for Your Neighbor: Just as it's lovely to be comforted by books, it can be lovely to pass the comfort along. Imagining you were putting together a cozy comfort basket for your neighbor (or friend, loved one, take your pick), which book(s) would you include?

10. A Walk in the Woods: Though we'd like to stay curled up indoors with our books forever (or, at least, I would), we've got to venture into the world again sometime. A walk in the woods always helps me feel refreshed (unless I happen upon a spider or something, but let's not think about that). Tell us about a book with beautiful nature writing, or a book that restores your peace.

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