fredag 24 september 2021

Lil Peep Book Tag



1. Life – A book character that reflects either your life experiences or shares your outlook on life.
2. Star Shopping – A hyped book that actually deserved the hype.
3. Haunt U – A book you could not stop thinking about after you finished.
4. Beat It - Unhaul a book RIGHT NOW! If you can't/don't want to unhaul, what book WOULD you unhaul? Or what is one time you were glad to return a book to the library?
5. Glassy – A literary relationship you really admire.
6. Crybaby – A book that comes with an anecdote about how/why you cried.
7. Hellboy – A book that introduced you to a new genre you now love.
8. The Brightside - A book that others hate, but you love enough to push past the negativity.
9. Sex With My Ex – An author you didn’t like, but decided to give a second chance. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fornøyelig utfordringsinnlegg, liker slike innlegg som gjør at man helt klart blir bedre kjent med bloggeren :)

    1. Vad roligt att höra att du gillar såna här inlägg! :D